The UPLift with Tzedek: Real Talk for Real Change

Our VOICEs United: Unionizing Nonprofit Spaces

September 11, 2023 Rita Scheider-Cotter & Jason Iglesias Season 1 Episode 8
The UPLift with Tzedek: Real Talk for Real Change
Our VOICEs United: Unionizing Nonprofit Spaces
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Ready to unveil the powerful journey of a nonprofit organization's transition into a union? Offering invaluable services to survivors of sexual violence and human trafficking, Our VOICE is instrumental in Asheville's nonprofit realm. In this month's episode, Rita Sneider-Cotter and Jason Iglesias from Our VOICE shed light on the significance of cultivating unity in nonprofit spaces as they share their recent unionization process.

About Rita: Rita Sneider-Cotter has been involved in the movement against Power-Based Violence for a decade, working across multiple states and serving in various roles - from direct service to executive leadership. Since joining Our VOICE as a volunteer hotline advocate in March 2021, Rita has stepped up as a Program Director (May 2021) and as the Executive Director (February 2022). Rita's passion for working collaboratively with survivors and community partners is essential to creating a safer future for all.

About Jason:
Jason Iglesias J.D. has been the Legal Advocate with Our VOICE since late 2020. He works with survivors of sexual violence as they navigate the legal system. He graduated from UNC Asheville in 2016 with a bachelor's in political science and graduated from Howard University School of Law in 2019. 

While the decision to unionize was born from nonprofit ecosystem conditions, challenges, and complexities, with courage and trust, they navigated through these choppy waters and emerged resilient. Plug into progress and explore the power of unionizing for a stronger, more equitable workplace.

We'll see you same time, same place next month. Until then, peace.

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