The UPLift with Tzedek: Real Talk for Real Change

Amplifying the Ripple: Spotlight on the Collective Power of CoThinkk

August 14, 2023 Tracey Greene-Washington & Tera Coffey Season 1 Episode 7
The UPLift with Tzedek: Real Talk for Real Change
Amplifying the Ripple: Spotlight on the Collective Power of CoThinkk
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Ever wondered about the deeper significance of Black Philanthropy Month, celebrated every August? Tracey Greene-Washington and Tera Coffey, dynamic voices from the revolutionary organization CoThinkk, join us to shed light on this global celebration and its profound impact on social transformation. These two powerhouse women bring to the forefront the true essence of Black giving - a practice rooted in equity and cultural customs that goes beyond just monetary contributions. Tracey and Tera unravel how CoThinkk is redefining philanthropy by spotlighting the invaluable contributions of its members and communities in influencing local, regional, and national movements.

About Tracey:
Tracey Greene-Washington is the President of Indigo Innovation Group, a consulting firm dedicated to serving as a strategic thought partner, advisor, coach, and consultant to philanthropic, nonprofit, and private/public organizations committed to accelerating change through system-level approaches, equity, and strategic collaboration. In addition to this role, she is the Founder of CoThinkk, a social change philanthropy led by BIPOC communities committed to systems change in Western NC through strategic investments, systems change, centering racial equity, network-building, and civic discourse. Throughout her 20+ year career, she’s led high-level initiatives that address complex issues and gained a reputation as an innovative leader committed to partnering with organizations/communities to be more impactful by targeting systemic change, taking risks, and accelerating change.

About Tera:
Tera Coffey is the Director of Impact with CoThinkk and Founder and CEO of Tera Coffey Consulting, a consultancy offering strategic thought partnership around community engagement, communication and marketing, and fundraising across the political and non-profit sectors. Her expertise includes community engagement, fundraising, strategic planning, and process development with a focus on equitable outcomes and social change. Tera brings her passion for racial equity to the philanthropic sector consulting with Western NC-based funders as a facilitator and thought partner around grantmaking restructuring to build the accountability measures necessary to ensure deep, systemic change. 

This thought-provoking conversation takes us through CoThinkk's relationship-centered approach to collective giving. Tune in for a fresh perspective on the transformative power of leveraging BIPOC time, talent, and treasure that promises to redefine your understanding of philanthropy's role in society and its ability to ignite sustainable, impactful social change. 

We'll see you same time, same place next month. Until then, peace.

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